Puppy Training

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Puppy Training

This is a blog about my experiences and techniques that I had while training my puppy. This is to spread my knowledge to others so maybe that they might benefit to it. I have a teacup Maltese who was 6 months old at the time that I did this.

To achieve my goal I set up a time line in which I would use to keep track and train the puppy the fastest and most efficiently. I thought it would be best to work daily with him to teach him "dog manners;" to do this with the little time available in my schedule I would only work 15 minutes daily.

Next I figured it would be best if I would reward him with treats each time he did something right. So I had to find out what he like the best. I went to the pet store and bought a variety of treats. Then I laid them out and saw what he liked the best. After doing that I figured he would respond the best with that.

Each time I would say the command that I would like him to listen to such as "sit" and then I would push his behind down. Then soon he would stand and I would do it again, and so forth a few times until finally I would say the word and he would sit on his own. Every few days I would introduce a new command and work with all of them until he would understand.

I spent about 5 weeks doing this with him daily and testing him once a week to see if he had learned anything. When he was bribed with a treat he would do what he was told. But if he was not given a treat he rarely would do what was told.

After enough time he started to respond better while being rewarded less.

Soon enough he was trained and it only took about 6 weeks